Our Top 5 Autumn Foot Care Tips

Autumn, which kicks off the official start of boot season, is right around the corner. The weather will be changing soon, so it’s the perfect time to put some steps in place to keep your feet feeling and looking their best through the season. Today Dr. Hubert Lee of CarePlus Foot & Ankle Specialists in Bellevue, WA is sharing his top 5 fall foot care tips. 


1. Try on all of your fall/winter footwear. Probably the easiest way to combat foot and ankle problems in the fall is to examine and try on all of the footwear you plan to wear for the upcoming season. Be sure you have enough wiggle room for the sides of your feet and your toes while looking for any abnormal wear and tear or cracks or holes in each pair to prevent your feet from getting wet.


2. Start a deep moisturizing routine. Cooler weather can lead to cracking, pain, dryness, and in some cases, infection. Another good way to fight off the effects of the weather changes on your feet is to begin a deep-moisturizing routine. You can mix together different types of moisturizers and add some essential oils for fragrance or a couple of drops of tea tree oil, which is a natural anti-fungal.


3. Treat yourself to relaxing, warming foot-soaks. The warm water will not only help relax and soothe chilly feet, but foot soaks also decrease stress. In addition, when combined with massage, they help reduce soreness and acid buildup.


4. Take a break from nail polish. In the cooler weather, your toenails aren’t on display as much. That makes it the perfect time of year to give your toenails a break from nail polish. Because of the chemicals it contains, nail polish can deteriorate the nail bed over time, resulting in discoloration.


5. Hydrate to prevent stiff joints. Staying hydrated during the cooler months will keep your joints pain-free. Drinking half of your weight in water ounces a day will help keep joints mobile and keep bones from getting stiff.


Following these 5 simple steps will give your feet a head start on fall foot health. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office of Dr. Hubert Lee at CarePlus Foot & Ankle Specialists in Bellevue, WA today at (425) 455-0936 to schedule your next appointment.

Dr. Hubert Lee

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