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Dr. Lee was on time, made a thorough examination of the problem, corrected the immediate problem and recommended additional corrective actions to prevent future problems.  I highly recommend Dr. Lee.


I recently saw Dr Lee for a long-standing foot pain issue. He was very thorough and came to a good diagnosis. Communication on what the problem was and what the options were was excellent. He even followed up a few days later with a phone call to check if I had any questions or concerns.


I've seen Dr. Lee for two unrelated foot problems. In both cases he 'zero-ed in' on the source of my discomfort, sharing his findings in detail. Then he carefully explained my options. Once I'd made my choice(s) he took the time to demonstrate how I was to bandage/walk, etc. Once home, I didn't have to guess the details of what he wanted done. Dr. Lee also did a minor surgery on a toe. His anesthetic injection was careful, and his 'surgery' was dexterous and direct. The man knows his 'craft'. He has a good bedside manner, as well.


I've seen Dr. Lee for some foot issue lately. He is a great doctor! He is very personable and took time to ask me questions and listen to my concerns. He is also very knowledgeable and walked me through the treatment plan he put together for me and made sure I understood everything.  I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who has podiatric needs!


I would very much like to approbate Dr. Hubert Lee and his Staff for their work on my infected toes. For some 8 years, I had been going about with serious fungal infections on 2 toes, one of which seemed about to separate altogether from the flesh. These two items caused me no pain, so I ignored the possibility of serious injury. Dr. Lee, as it were, not only examined and trimmed the suspect nails, but he also provided me with 2 meds that will hopefully cure or minimally prevent the infection from spreading elsewhere. He also instructed me on the ways and means of maintaining my foot in healthy condition. You must understand that I have lived in 4 States and many cities across the Country. Never before have I experienced this type of fungal infection. It was a comfort, then, that my Primary referred me to Dr. Lee, for he is incisive, highly intelligent and proactive in applying his skills to the ailing patient. Presently, I can now take exercise walks or go shopping without worries of foot/toe injuries due to neglect.

Richard A.

Dr. Lee has been my podiatrist for over a year. The first time I went to him with an ingrown toenail and I was so nervous. Dr. Lee was so great, he took my ingrown nail out and he was so wonderful, he made me relax. I would have recommended him to anyone. Then I had an accident at work and fractured my foot, well it was a workers comp issue and I really wanted to see my own Dr. which of course was Dr. Lee. Well workers comp said I had to go to their Dr. and so happy that Dr. Lee was the workers comp Dr. that they recommended. He has been such a great Dr. and is so very concerned with his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone.

Cynthia C.

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Hubert Lee since he began his practice here in Naples. He has always treated us with the utmost of compassion. We were deeply saddened to learn that he will no longer be our podiatrist. But as saddened as we are about losing him, we are happy that he is pursuing his own dream in Seattle. He is a compassionate, methodical and extremely conscientious physician. He assumes nothing and leaves nothing to chance. If he is at all uncomfortable with a situation, he will go the extra mile to resolve it. He has a “bedside manner” that is usually reserved for attending physicians in the hospital. If he were a general practitioner we would have loved to have had him for our family doctor. Naples’ loss is Seattle’s gain. Again, he will be sorely missed, but we wish him all of the very best in his new endeavor.

Chuck and Mary D.

I have had the utmost pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Hubert Lee for nearly a year. I fell from a 12 Ft extension ladder and totally shattered my right foot. Dr Lee has performed surgeries on my foot and I am now very close to being able to walk again. Considering the severe damage that was done, I thought that would never be possible. All praise goes to Dr Lee. He is the utmost notable, compassionate and caring physician I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Being under Dr Lee’s care, I have found his skills & expertise phenomenal.

Linda H.


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