Good Nutrition Equals Healthy Feet

Did you make a resolution for 2022 to eat better? That’s a goal that everyone should work toward because eating right helps your entire body and your brain. But, did you know that diet and nutrition can affect our feet just as much as the rest of our bodies? Because March is National Nutrition Month, Dr. Hubert Lee at CarePlus Foot & Ankle Specialists in Bellevue, WA, is sharing information regarding how your diet can cause inflammation in your feet and the right and wrong foods to eat.


Inflamed tissues can create many foot conditions and diseases. And, one of the typical causes of heel pain is inflammation of the plantar fascia, which stabilizes the arch of the foot and supports the body’s weight. Plantar fasciitis, along with other inflammatory conditions such as painful arches, heel spurs, and arthritis may be further irritated by eating the following foods:

Other Causes of Foot Inflammation

When blood sugar levels are too high it can lead to elevated insulin levels. When these levels are too high, blood vessels begin to tighten and cause inflammation. The result is often foot swelling and pain.

Even certain food allergies can cause the foot to become inflamed. And if you are overweight, foot inflammation and pain often develop.

A Healthy Diet to Benefit Foot Health

We recommend eating a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients that your body needs (including your feet). Eat these foods in moderation daily:

Some foods to avoid include sugary snacks and refined grain foods. In addition to causing inflammation, these foods can cause diabetes when eaten in excess. Diabetes that is not under control can result in neuropathy with pain, weakness, and numbness in the feet.

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Dr. Hubert Lee

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