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At-Home Foot Care Tips For Seniors Who Can’t Get Out

Of all the parts of the body that require proper care, and can be overlooked are feet, and yet they provide us with the ability to transport ourselves. And with so many people confined to their homes right now and many older people at risk, today Dr. Hubert Lee of CarePlus Foot & Ankle Specialists in Bellevue, WA is sharing some tips to keep senior feet healthy.

Take steps to prevent fungal infections. These infections typically develop when moisture is constantly present around the feet. To prevent this, make sure you change your socks frequently. If you are having a problem with moisture, use a good foot powder to dry it up. If your senior loved one is complaining about constant itching or burning, try taking them to see the podiatrist (if you can) before something nasty develops.

Keep toenails clipped. Doing so can prevent several issues with the feet, but many seniors are not able to reach their toes due to flexibility issues. To help keep their toenails trimmed, help clip them straight across and no shorter than the tips of the toes.

Wear shoes that fit properly. Seniors can develop blisters that can worsen if they wear footwear that is too loose and rubs their feet as they move. On the other hand, they should not wear shoes that are too tight, because it can cause circulation problems.

Wear shoes while outdoors and indoors. While most wear shoes outdoors, most if not all of the time, wearing shoes indoors is almost as important. Many seniors prefer to wear slippers for the comfort of it, and while they do offer some level of protection, they are not as sturdy as a real shoe would be.

Boost circulation. Several things can improve a senior’s circulation in their feet, starting with an occasional massage. When your loved one is relaxing, they should have their feet propped up to reduce swelling. When they are sitting for significant periods, have them wiggle their toes and move their feet around, so blood is forced to move through the toes and feet. Daily stretching can also improve circulation.

It’s important, when possible that the seniors in your life visit their podiatrist for an annual checkup. Many types of early-stage foot issues can be identified so warts, hammertoes, bunions, and neuromas, never get the chance to escalate into more serious problems.

If you or a loved ones need immediate help, contact Dr. Hubert Lee at CarePlus Foot & Ankle Specialists in Bellevue, WA, at (425) 455-0936.

Stay safe, healthy, and in good spirits!

Dr. Hubert Lee

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